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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Spontaneous Joy

Writing this might be risky.  If I say something maybe this feeling will disappear.  Maybe it will leave as mysteriously as it arrived.  Maybe…

This morning I was overcome with joy.  I was just going about my day like any other and I realized I was extremely happy.  The pessimist in me began to ask why.  What was the source?  But digging for reason just revealed contentment from all angles.

Post-Holiday Blues is a real thing from what I can read and goes by many names.  This is the opposite of that.  Am I joyful that the holidays are over?  Am I happy for the start of a new year so I can hit the reset button?  Maybe and Sure.

Who cares?

Don’t question it.  Embrace it.  

Don’t balance it against how you normally feel.  Don’t put it on a scale at all.  Just realize that God is shinning on you and for the first time in some time you recognized it.

Blessed.  I am blessed indeed.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace