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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sock Singles

My wife and I have a deal.  She does all the laundry except my workout clothes.  It’s not that she’ll unwilling to do it all, I just decided that doing a separate load of the REAL smelly stuff made sense.  Am I charitable or what?!  Anyway, by doing this special load I could use a more intense wash cycle and the pull things out after the wash that I didn’t want to go in the dryer.  This has been a good system….for me anyway.

So last night I was folding my clothes.  Completely uneventful until I reach the end and started pairing up socks.  Yes, you guessed it wise one, I was missing a sock.  This happens.  In this case, however, I got really irritated.  This pair I had worn only one time.  Just once.  Dang it!  I’m cheap, but I splurged and picked up this pair for $16.  Ouch.

I soon realized that I now own ONE $8 sock.  One lousy sock.  No, it was not worth $8.  It was worth nothing because you can’t wear just ONE sock.  How can this happen?  I’ve lost dozens of cheap cotton socks…but this was basically a brand new sock that went to the sock fairy.  Why me?  Like sunglasses, I should know better than to buy expensive socks.

I woke the middle of the night with a brilliant solution.  Just buy another pair.  Yes, drop $16 on another 2 socks.  I would have 3 total.  This is like insurance.  Yes, a $16 insurance policy in the event I somehow lost yet another one of these miracle socks.  I’d still be in business.

Then….I really woke up.  Did the math.  $16 + $16 = $32.  So, for $32, I’d have basically one pair of socks (and an extra single in the drawer for insurance, but honestly, I’d never be able to find it when or IF the need arose).  Nevermind.  I’d better just cut my losses.

The real kicker is that…Yes, I found the lost sock.  It was just laying there on the floor near the laundry room door.  Huh, go figure.  I should have looked there last night.

Now…the good news is…this found sock was free.  Seriously.  

$16 - $8 = $8.  

$8 + Free = $8.  

I now am the proud owner of a $16 pair of socks that only cost me 8 bucks!  Genius.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace