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Friday, March 7, 2014

Highlight Reel

There seems to be a trend with the younger crowd these days.  They act like they always need something to do.  Something planned.  Something worth posting on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  

A guy I work with is always asking what I have planned for the weekend.  When I tell him “the usual”, meaning a few workouts, cook some, time with family and church, he always seems so incredibly unimpressed.  When I dutifully return the volley with a similar question, he rattles off a slew of activities he has planned.  Dinner with so and so, playing golf with this group, heading over to Dallas for such and such…and on it goes.

Returning to the office on Monday, he will inevitably ask about my weekend.  “Nothing, just the normal stuff really.”  He in turn will go through the highlights of his activities; not to demonstrate how much more exciting his life is than mine, but because that appears to be how he measures his own life.  Ranking days or weekends by the amount of stuff worth (in his mind anyway) talking about.

Have you been watching a basketball or football game and immediately after a big play, the players turn and watch themselves in the replay on the stadium video board?  We have become trained to live for the highlights.  To seek awesome moments because without them life is apparently meaningless.

Maybe I’m alone on this, but life just doesn’t work that way.  Life is not a highlight reel.  To stick with the sports theme, there are about 9 hits on average in a major league baseball game.  Nine!  Three hours or more and that is all you get.  Worse yet, the majority of those are singles.  What a snooze fest!  Right?

No, not at all.  Not to me anyway.  Why?

Because there are so many little things that are happening or not happening yet might happen the entire game.  Things that you’ll never see on Sports Center, but make the game what it is to so many people.  It applies to the other sports and certainly to life.  I don’t think we were created to only appreciate the monumental moments in our lives.

Yes, life is boring if you only measure it by home runs and touchdowns.  Yes, another trip to the grocery store or long commute to work is fairly dull.  That’s the point.  Find a way to focus on life in-between the fantastic.  That is where we spend the majority of our time anyway.  Great things are happening in tiny increments in every day of every life.  Learn to love the small things.  Just think how BIG the big things will be if you are already completely satisfied with the ordinary.

That’s it.  Slow down and look around.  Enjoy the moment and then do it all over again and again.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace