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Monday, January 20, 2014

16 and NOT Pregnant

Today, yes, today is a special day.  Our youngest daughter turns 16 years old.  Ok, not so special for me, but HUGE for her.  Are you kidding?  Chant with her…Freedom, Freedom, Freedom…

I tried to reflect all weekend about my 16th birthday and how I felt.  Unfortunately, I’m too old to remember much, but I’m pretty sure is was REALLY great.  I, like my daughter, didn’t need this so called “Freedom” to get away from it all.  It was more about being able to explore the world without the normal limits.  Sure, at 16 a world without limits is still only size of the town you live in, but you can now claim part of it as you very own.

Yes, being able to drive yourself to school makes school suddenly bearable again.  Put on the right music and there you have it.  Your own slice of heaven.  Everything looks different from behind the steering wheel of your own car.  It all looked so boring from mom or dad’s passenger seat, but now it is vibrant and alive.

I’m proud of my baby girl.  She’s a good kid.  Hangs with a reasonably good group of kids and isn’t afraid to tell me she loves me.  Oh, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment which always makes a dad happy.  Boys are bad.  They just are.  Let’s ignore the fact that we have a son for the moment….just know that boys are bad.

Back to the point.  She’s a good kid and a good driver.  I’m excited for her, truly I am.

But…where’s the “But”?

No Buts.  Yes, it is a little tough to see the youngest leave the nest on her first solo flight.  Yet, like I’ve said in these pages before, that is what we raise them to do.  To grow up.  If they are going to grow up, they might as well do it in glorious fashion.  I just thank God that he blessed us with such great kids.

I’m not naive.  Our storms are on the horizon.  For all the compliments I get about our kids, I always remind folks that we’re not finished yet.  We’re never finished…are we?

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace