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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beyond Begat

I’m a little proud of myself today.  Something I have failed to accomplish several times in my life no longer falls into the category of “Someday I’m gonna…”

Yes, I have read the entire Bible.  Shocking, I know.  What took so long?

Actually, I can remember a few attempts in my childhood and teen years that always lost steam in Genesis 5 when the BEGATs begin.  While quite readable as an adult and in a newer translation (I tend to read New International Version), the King James Version (among others) gets beyond my comprehension in a hurry.  Certainly a problem as a kid.

This experience of reading the Bible was good, but different from my years of more formal bible study.  In bible study, you go in depth and read cross references, answer questions and have discussion.  In reading the Bible through in 12 or 18 months, you basically read and move on.  I found this frustrating at times while realizing how much I enjoy studying the Bible.  Go figure.

I suggest starting a bible study over straight Bible reading because it will help explain and expand on the things you’ll be reading.

If you are going to attempt to read the Bible rather than study the Bible, I highly recommend a reading plan that takes you through portions of the Old Testament and New Testament simultaneously.  This provides some much needed variety and structure.  Most important, you have to stick with it.  I was pretty good about doing it daily and never got too far behind.  Make yourself do it.  Some days you will feel enlightened and others will feel more like you’re just checking the box.  Forget about it.  Keep going.  

Go to and poke around to find a plan that suits you.  Download the YouVersion of the Bible to your tablet or phone.  The resources there and on many other sites are endless and largely free.  No need to pay for anything.

So, what’s next?  A lot of people just start over or start over using a different reading plan.  I’ll probably end up doing that, but tomorrow I’m going to start reading a book called Alone with God as a supplement to my daily bible study.  No doubt, you’ll get a few tidbits of it yourself in these pages in the coming weeks.

Whatever you do, do something.  Go ahead, get started.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace