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Thursday, October 3, 2013

More About the Bike

While she needs a better name than FUJI, my bike has been great so far.  Not enough miles to know that I nailed the selection, but I did not jump into this without a good amount of research.  By the way, researching anything extensively makes one want that thing extensively.  Well, I guess that wouldn't be true of all things.  Cancer comes immediately to mind.  Remind me never to research cancer.

It is a Fuji Sportif 1.3C.  Which basically means it is not the cheapest Sportif (1.7) or the most expensive (1.1).  Still in the starter category due to price and geometry (that has to do with angles and length as I recall from 5th grade).

I chose the Sportif because of the geometry (a little goofy according to the bike shop).  It has a longer Head Tube.  That is the post between the front Fork and handlebars.  By being longer, it means that I will be riding in a more upright position (comfort) rather than bent way over (less comfort).  Coming from a hybrid (sit nearly straight up) and/or no real biking at all, this made a lot of sense for me.  Sacrifice speed for comfort and safety.

Price was also a biggie.  After watching Craig's List for almost a month, finding a decent bike that was my size seemed impossible.  Plus, I didn't want to “settle” for something since I know that would just result in buying yet another bike.  Fuji came on sale so I went for it.  The dealer had to order it in my size so the payoff took a week.

At this point, well worth the it.  This bike should last me awhile...or at least until I need a lighter faster one!

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace