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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Let Mom Get a Dog?

About a week after we left my son at college, I got this text while at the office.

I have no words.

Actually, I knew this was probably coming.  Our last dog died a few years ago and with all the crazy activity and travel, getting a new dog simply wouldn't have been the dog.  Within a few months, the family actually agreed that one extremely lazy, low maintenance cat was enough.

Periodically, my youngest daughter would get the new puppy craze.  Not as fatal as the New Car craze, but still hard to thwart.  My wife had become a little more sympathetic to the cause in recent months.  Yet, I simply didn't see this coming.  Not until that morning when my wife called and asked if we could get a dog.  I assumed reminding her of our poor dog environment and all the related hassles would keep this at bay.

Later that day I received the text from my son.  I should have known.  When my wife gets her mind set on something, you can count on it getting done.  A good and bad quality I have come to find.

Ok, so the puppy is cute....her name is Emma (don't ask why or what...cuz I don't know).

After little more than a week the enthusiasm from my ladies has rusted over.  If that dog pees on the floor again I swear my wife is going to make it wear diaper (and the little thing is actually well ahead on the house training from past experience).  Emma has cause a total rework of everyone's schedule and movement around the house.  The freedom we enjoyed for the past many months is now gone.  Even the cat is no longer his carefree self.

I could carry on about how expensive this nearly free pet has become, but I'll just let your imagination run wild with that one.

A useful blog will leave you with a takeaway.  Wisdom to pass along or a lesson I've learned.  This one is a puzzler.  In all honesty I haven't learned a thing by this new puppy experience.  I predicted every episode prior to her adoption.  I guess this is simply a reminder that sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do things the hard way.

Emma will be loved and blend into our crazy family in due time.  She'll get use to our schedule and we'll adjust to hers.  I'm not sure if she was meant to fill another void left when my son went off to college, but she has certainly filled a lot of idle time.  Idle time that I loved so very much....

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace