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Friday, September 20, 2013

Somebody Stop Me!

I wasn’t sure what to call this.  Working titles were “Green Thunder - An Obituary” and “Meet Fuji!”.  Once I actually sat down to write, I realized that there was something much larger at work here.  Something beyond a big announcement.

Here’s the deal.  It is no mystery that I’ve caught the triathlon bug.  In a previous post, Trying not to Tri is Tough, I introduced Green Thunder and hinted that I was quietly acquiring new gear.   Yet, I was serious about taking this triathlon thing slow and easy.

Unfortunately, I have zero patience.  As the “working titles” suggest, I have done exactly what the experts say not to do when starting out in multi-sport.  “Don’t buy a new bike.  You can ride a mountain bike, hybrid or tricycle.  You’ll see plenty of rusty old bikes at your first event.”  What a bunch of nonsense.

Wanting to get the basic gist of how things flow at a sprint triathlon that includes a pool swim, I found one in my area and checked it out.  Of the 600 competitors, I think I saw about 5 hybrids, 1 mountain and 0 rusty old bikes.  I think the “experts” tell us that so they can giggle at the rookie pedaling his brains out to reach a pathetic 9 MPH while they’re in the finishers tent sipping on a cold beer getting a rubdown.

Ok, ok…all this is just an excuse.  I would have bought a bike regardless.  I simply can’t help myself.

The suspense is killing you I know….Meet Fuji!

The strange thing about all this is how guilty I feel.  This is an entry-level road bike for gosh sakes.  Top end Tri-bikes go for $5,000+.  By the way, there were a lot more those at that sample race than “any bike will do” types.  Heck, my watch costs almost as much as this silly bike (before the pedals, bottle cages, tire pumps…).  I have more invested in my current stable of running shoes than this bike (before the cycling shorts, bike computer, cadence monitor…).

The really dumb part is that I haven’t even signed up for a race yet.  I bought a bike planning to enter a race.  Not real bright I must admit.  What if I get injured?

Man, I’m a mess.  Someone take my wallet.  Shut down my bank account.  This could get out of hand.

No more, I tell you, no more.  I will enter a race and I will not spend one more dollar on gear.  No, not one dime.

One thing this does demonstrate is my enjoyment of cycling.  Even on Green Thunder, it has really been enjoyable to get out a few times a week.  Even in the nastiest part of summer, getting out after church on a Sunday afternoon has been really medicinal for me.  I don’t think I ever gave it a fair shake before.  It must have been the tight pants and goofy jersey that scared me away.

So, how does my wife feel about all this?  She said that I don’t look as dorky on the new bike.  That’s considered a compliment in our house so….I claim Victory!

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace