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Friday, May 17, 2013

Graduation Letter to My Son

High School Graduation Day - 2013

It has certainly been a tremendous honor to have you as my son.  Watching you grow to be a young man has been a lot of fun for me.  Yes, I worried a lot, but you made it easier on your old man than many fathers must endure....easier so far anyway.

I have been blessed with a son who’s not too cool to hang out with his dad.  A son who has willingly
let his parents be involved in his life in every way.  A son who is loved and who loves back.  Simply observing your tenderness toward your sisters tells me all I need to know about your character.

Not having you around once you head off to college is going to be tough on me.  Yet, I am excited for your future.  Push yourself all the time. When someone says you can't. Trust me, you can.  Regardless of where things go from here, it is a gift to part of it.  Please know that I am your biggest fan.

Success in life is a bit like a golf scramble. In order to do your best, you need others to pick up the slack in your down times.  Reach out and grasp the hand offered to you.  That hand is usually the hand of God, but it might look a lot like a roommate, a friend or even a random stranger.

Return the favor.  Put both hands in and rescue others...even when they don't think they are in trouble.

I’ve said it a thousand times:  Garbage in, Garbage Out.  You know it is true.  Pay attention and put the garbage where it belongs.

“Sooner or later you figure out life is constructed specifically and brilliantly to squeeze a man into association with the Owner of heaven.” - Donald Miller

Yes, I will always urge you to grow your faith.  Continue the habit of worship and service.  Read God’s word and pray...a lot.  Don’t put God off for later.  Later might not ever get here and God
deserves your best everyday.

Be prouder of your next 18 years than your first 18.  Thank you for being such a great kid.

I Love You!