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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marathon Race Weather

Our local ABC affiliate on Channel 8 had a nice 3 or 4 hour show centered around the Dallas Marathon during the race on Sunday morning.  I set the DVR, watched and want to firmly report that it was well done.  I do want to point out that one of the commentators mentioned that the weather was near perfect for the race at the beginning of the broadcast.  She later got news that the humidity was awful and being a runner herself acknowledged that is was a tough day out there.

I think I’m a curse to road racing.  I ran the San Antonio Marathon last month and it was way too warm and way too humid.  Sunday was better (mid-60’s to mid-70’s with 80-90% humidity), but still far from ideal.  My poor history dates back quite a ways.  Oklahoma City Marathon in early 2010.  Chicago in late 2010.  Both warm and not much fun.  There are others on the list, but since 2010 most of them are too warm.  Not sure I’ve ever had a race that was too cold…and I don’t want one.  I’d say global warming is responsible, but really…do we need to go there?

Just like we get silly questions like “how far is this marathon?” people assume the weather is perfect when it is really just a nice day for golf.  If I mention that it was warm or humid or both they look at me like I’m some pansy.  The response is usual ”yeah, I guess it was.” as they look away with a clear question mark over their head.

So much like I have reduced my accomplishments or race details to nearly zero, I think I’ll just lay off the weather report as well.  Folks think we’re crazy anyway.  No reason to confirm that by complaining about “perfect” weather.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace