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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tempo Run?

I have to do something tomorrow morning that I don't believe I've ever done before.

Twenty years of running. Intervals. A hand full of hill workouts. Fartleks....which I
don't dare say around my kids. My training schedule calls for a tempo run. A 6 (3-2-1). I had to do a Google search to make sure I really knew what that meant.

Oh, and yes...I'm following a training plan. One that is actually not my own concoction. It is hard to believe that I've completed 8 marathons with plans modified to fit my schedule and my running style. That means low mileage during the week and long runs up to 20 miles on Saturday morning. This was followed by an afternoon of drinking beer, eating pizza and watching college football. The result, not surprisingly, was slower and slower times.

When I struggled across the finish in Chicago on 10/10/10, I promised myself that if I ever ran another marathon (and this was a big if) that I would work harder and get faster before I even began training.

It is not that slow bothers me all that much. I was actually running with a great attitude and just enjoyed being out there. I just think that humid morning in Chicago broke me.

That I'm on a plan at all is odd. I have not even committed to a race. I guess I'm training in secret. It is probably because doing it this way allows me to back off at anytime without having to tell anyone. O.K., I have issues...maybe we will explore this another day.

Anyway, in the morning I rock a tempo run. 3 miles easy, 2 miles at 30 seconds slower than 5k pace and a 1 mile cool down. I've run workouts similar in the past...they just didn't have an official title.

Now, if I just knew what my 5k pace was....

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace.