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Friday, August 31, 2012

Had Fun on my Temp Run

Well, that workout yesterday was successful.  My 6 mile tempo run called for (3-2-1).  3 miles easy, 2 miles and 5K pace + 25-30 seconds, and 1 mile cool down.

I knocked out the "tempo" miles 4 & 5 in 8:33 & 8:25.  Since I have not run a 5K in over a decade, I honestly didn't know what pace to shoot for on this workout.  Actually, I haven't run a race shorter a half marathon in two or three years.  I know, I know...I've read a hundred times that one should race some shorter distances as part of training...even marathon training.  Oh well, one more thing I don't do.

Regardless of what pace I needed to run, it felt good and there was still some fuel left...which is still probably a tad fast since I read in a couple of places that 5K + 30 seconds should be somewhere between your 10K and half marathon paces.  Using this standard, it was probably a shade too fast.

The good news today is that I feel good today without any soreness.  After 15 miles this week already, that's a little shocking.  I mentioned my former training schedules in my previous post.  I should crack over 30 this week.  I honestly believe that in some years of marathon training I only surpassed 30 weekly miles for one or two weeks (these weeks included a 20 mile long run).  It sounds impossible, but there might have been a marathon or two in which I never hit 30 miles in a week.  Don't believe me?  20 mile long run, and two or three 3 milers during the week.  That is 29 miles.  No wonder I never got injured due to adding mileage too fast.  I simply took my Saturday morning runs slowly from 6 or so miles up to 20.

I don't recommend that version..clearly I'm not a coach.  If you think you've hit the wall hard at 18 or 20 miles, I certainly have some stories to match.

Downside of this week was dinner last night.  We went out with family to one of our favorite local mexican food joints.  I had dreaded it all day because I really didn't want to eat poorly.  My weight was just getting down to where I wanted it for the probable increase in training ahead.  I HAVE NO WILL POWER.  I shall spare the details, but somehow I couldn't find anything sorta healthy or even remotely portioned properly.  I had one huge, super honking plate of food and ate most of it.  I'm still full.

It was good, but was not worth it.

Big long run tomorrow... a test for what may lie ahead.  Should I pick a race and torcher myself again? Man, I just don't know.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace