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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Downtown Church

The miles often drift by with little observation of the surroundings. Zoned out with the iPod streaming tunes I regret some of the things I've missed.

While in Santa Fe last week, I ran some of my normal routes. Upper & Lower Canyon Road, Old Taos Highway and through the Plaza. At one time, these were all new and exciting. Yet, they have become like running at home. I thought I had seen everything worth seeing.

Then I ran by San Miguel Church. I've been by it a dozen times, but never "seen" it like it deserves to be seen. The oldest church structure in the US. It was erected in 1610.

It is really quite amazing. The cool thing is that there are other churches in the same area that are also worth a visit. I've attended services at one of them several years ago. It is high time I spend another Sunday morning in worship at one of these historic churches.

My run was fairly early in the morning so the photos are not great, but next time I'll visit at a better time of day to get the gorgeous details documented on film.

I want to encourage you to run with your eyes open. Both at home and away there are things to be seen that we take for granted. Snap a few photos...slow down and take it all in. The miles can wait.

This week I'm still on vacation running in Colorado. More to report on that in the entry.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace