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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Through the Eyes of My 19 Year Old

While on vacation in Santa Fe a few weeks back, their minor league baseball team, Santa Fe Fuego, was in town.  They play in a small stadium just down the street from our place so our daughters and their friends decided to go check it out.  This was clearly a ploy to go check out the boy scene and just be out of direct adult supervision for a period of time.

Some of the players jokingly asked the girls their ages.  One signed a baseball and put his phone number on it with “Call Me”.  I guess I was not surprised when they wanted to go back the next night after dinner.  This time one young man actually did take notice of my oldest daughter.  She’s pretty shy, but my 14 year old is not.  She jotted down the oldest’s cell number, put “Call Me” on it and delivered it.  The oldest claimed to be livid, but I think it was an act.

The young man actually called her.  My wife and I were keeping close tabs on things and in on all the conversations.  He was first concerned that she was not actually 19 years old.  At least he wasn’t some pervert.  It turns out he was 24, which made me extremely uncomfortable of course.  They talked by phone a little and visited about family, where they were from and that type of thing.  Did I mention that I was not enjoying this?

Later in a conversation with my wife and me, our daughter told us that he lives with his dad and that he had a religious upbringing.  His dad is apparently a believer.  She apparently told him that her dad (me) was really into his faith and religion as well…like way into it.

I said, “Wait just a minute.  What about your mom? And is that a good thing or bad thing?”

My wife smiling chimes in with “Yeah, what about me?”

My daughter then said that my wife was religious, but that I was REALLY into it.

She never did answer my question about whether or not this is a good thing or bad thing in her eyes.  My guess is that for a teenager it is probably a little of both.  They see how committed you are to Jesus, yet with that comes certain restrictions and expectations on their end.  A little like…”it’s neat that you like God and all, but I don’t think that should make me have to be home by 10.”

Anyway, the two decided a long distance relationship should be nothing more than a long distance friendship.  I don’t think they’ve talked again since we got home.  Yes, this makes me happy.

For me, I found out something new.  My kids view me as a devoted Christian and probably a little goofy.  Goofy because I’m me, but also because I am really into God.  I’m still an expert sinner, but I really want to be different…for Him.  In our bible study this past year we discussed how being considered “one of those people” was really a good thing.  It meant you were holding yourself out there and being accountable and maybe even being bold in sharing your faith.  I remember a time when I thought people like that were a little weird too.  Then I got to know them.  Then I got to thinking I would never be someone willing to be considered strange for God.  Well, maybe, just maybe I’m getting there.  My kids think so.  That’s a start.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace