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Monday, July 16, 2012

Through the Eyes of My 17 Year Old

This is the last of the “Through the Eyes” series. I’m not overly comfortable with positive observations of me.

My 17 year old son chimes in to round things out.

We hauled our kids and a few of their friends down to Lake LBJ last weekend.  Everyone wanted to rent jet skis or a boat or a yacht.  I’m cheap so agreed that we’d go rent two jet skis for the day.  My son and I hit the rental shop.  After filling out the necessary paperwork (signing my life away or at minimum the maximum limit of my credit card) we were ready to get wet.

When putting on life jacket, I took off my shirt and tossed it in the car.  My son looked at me strangely.  I braced for the wise crack about my farmer tan or lack of muscle tone.  He simply said, “Gee Dad, you’re skinny.  Why do you always wear those big shirts?”

Um….speechless, I shrugged, strapped on the vest and headed to my watercraft.

Now, the reality is I’m not skinny.  Yet, I’m not really in the XL category that my wardrobe would lead you to believe.  I’ve been 10 pounds heavier at times, but running really stabilizes my weight when I stay consistent.  I’m be more consistent lately and it was before lunch.

I strutted around all day with my shirt off.  Sort of the “take a look at me” walk.

Ok, not really.  I kept covered up as usual.  Chubby or not, I’m still pale white and sorta droopy.  Yet, I appreciate my son saying that.  It was a pleasant reminder of the benefits of exercise.  My wife and I both exercise regularly.  I am proud of this.  We are setting a good example for the kids…something I can’t always say I do.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace