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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dental Work

After 11 years of nothing but the 6-month cleanings, I had to go in to get a couple fillings today.  I forgot how much fun the whole program is from start to finish.  Here I am four hours later and am just beginning to get the feeling back in my upper lip and cheeks.

I wanted to write about this only because after I left the dentist’s office, I tried to take a drink out of a cup with a straw.  Now this was pure comedy.  I simply could not tell if my lips were closed and couldn’t generate and sucking power.  It is tragic that my wife and kids weren’t there to make fun of me dribbling water down my chin into my lap.

My dear wife just asked me if I wanted something for dinner.  I told her I needed to wait a bit because I am afraid I’ll chew off the inside of my cheeks.  You know what I’m talking about?  They call it mouth trauma.  We’ve all bit the inside of our cheek before.  Even worse is that it swells and you continue to accidentally bite it until it somehow miraculously heals…maybe overnight or something.  Citrus is a bad idea.

So, I’ll sit here and read some running blogs until I can maybe suck down some soup…oh, that is assuming my sucker returns to normal functionality.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace.