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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

We're up visiting our daughter at college for Parent's Weekend. Due to the massive infusion of visitors, we had to book a hotel a notch or two below our normal spot. Still, clean and you get what you pay for in cases like this.

They do offer a complimentary breakfast. Nothing special, but's free! After my run, I roll into the dinning area to hear a lady complaining that there wasn't any bacon. "But I want bacon," loudly stated to no one in particular. I quickly looked the other way in an effort to insure that I did not get engaged in Bacongate.

She follows my lead to have a glass of OJ. Soon, she is rejoined by her husband and starts complaining loudly about no bacon. Apparently, the orange juice didn't meet her approval either. "It looks orange, but tastes like water." The poor gal refilling the "FREE" breakfast (yes, we paid for the hotel so I guess it wasn't really free) was talking to her trying to find a way to satisfy her complaints.

The lady asked to see the manager. He arrives and she begins to ask why they don't have bacon. Of course she compounds things by talking of watery juice and cold coffee. I was embarrassed for her and her husband. My only option was to get the heck out of there...leaving quickly to go back up to my room.

What did she think...she was staying at the Ritz? Geeze, Seriously? Is this how you treat people? That is not very Christlike. The breakfast wasn't wasn't good. That is not the point. The employees don't control what they are given to serve and one has every right to make a complaint...just don't do it in a manner that takes it out of helpless people in front of dozens of other customers. Classless...sorry, just classless.

I encourage you to treat others like you would want to be treated. Oldest rule in the book, but too often forgotten.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace