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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What On Earth Is He Talking About?

While filling up with gas in Atoka, Oklahoma, a guy walks by me and says, “Alabama next week, should be a tough one.”

If he wasn’t looking straight at me, I would have thought he must have been talking to someone else. It was clearly intended for me. Thus, I nodded and said, “yep.”

I had no idea what this meant. Did he think I was someone else? Was he nuts? What do I make of this?

Soon, I looked down and noticed I was wearing an Arkansas Razorback t-shirt. Something I have never done in my life.

I quickly recalled that Arkansas plays Alabama next Saturday in college football. Oh my, the idiot was me! I laughed at myself and realized what goofy look I must have had on my face. Poor guy was just trying to be nice and make casual conversation. Hey, what can I say...I’m a bonehead.

I’ll write a full report on our trip over the next few days and post it with some photos.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace