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Thursday, June 2, 2011

National Running Day

Yesterday was National Running Day and because I have been ultra lazy for what seems like months now, I completely forgot or simply failed to notice.  Well, failed until I started checking Twitter and that hundreds claimed they had already honored the day with a run.  Oh the guilt!  

After a long day at work I headed home determined to honor the day with a run.  I owed it to the sport that had given me so much joy over the years.  Once out for the run, I had to quickly acknowledge that the weeks of low or no miles had taken a toll.  It was near 100 degrees and way too hot for even a casual wade back into running.  Simply put, I struggled and had to scrap the whole thing after less than three miles.  The heat was too much and the disappointment started to weigh on me.

Why didn’t I keep up my mileage in the good weather months?  Why have I been so uncommitted?  Why don’t I do things I want and need to do?

Life gets in the way sometimes.  Your priorities get set aside for just a moment and soon you are completely in the wilderness fighting your way back.  Whether it be running, family time, reading God’s word, staying in touch with family or a million other things I think we get off track often.  Yet, I don’t think we need to simply chalk that up to human nature.  I think we need to continually fight for doing the good things or the right things.

Reminds me a bit of Romans 7:15 when Paul says:

15 I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. (NIV)
Paul is battling sin here in this passage and while skipping runs is by no means a sin, maybe, just maybe, some of the things I did to fill the time I should have been running certainly might have been.  So while the verse seems like a stretch, it is in no way a stretch for me.
The good news about my run to honor National Running Day was that it motivated me enough to get out of bed early this morning and give it another whirl.  It still wasn’t pretty, but it felt a little more like it should and maybe, just maybe, I do belong out there.  It certainly keeps me closer to doing the things I should do instead of those things I hate to do.
Rest in Peace, Run in Grace