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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Last Gift

We live in a world that believes there will always be a tomorrow. Always a next week. Always a next year. What would you do if we knew there would be no tomorrow or next week or next year?

Without tomorrow to worry about, what would you do with all your stuff? Can't take it with you. How much did you ever really need all that stuff anyway? I suppose you would just start giving it all away.

Even if you believe you have nothing, you do have SOMETHING to give.

In a Dallas Morning News piece that touched me back in November, Gordon Keith wrote about his nomination for Texan of the Year. His heartfelt conclusion can be read here.

As runners and cyclists, we are always mapping out our next workout or next race. We are cautious when out on the road...yet, we are putting ourselves in harms way more than most. And more than most, we know the unique type of joy life brings when spent outdoors. We try like mad to get others out there with us. If they could only experience this joy, if only.

Taylor Storch's family did something extremely difficult for many families. Organ donation seems like a no brainer, but 18 people die each day due to a lack of available organs. Just over 35% of adults are registered organ donors. Taylor's donation saved five lives.  Her family created Taylor's Gift Foundation to raise awareness.

I encourage you to go there to NOW and get on the list. At this moment there are 110,351 men, women and children waiting on the transplant list. Someday, you will be in a position to give a handful of these souls the chance at the joy we take for granted. Make the Joy of a second chance your last gift.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace