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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot Head

Ok, I really can't be alone on this.

I've got a hot head and hate wearing hats. Since I choose to run outside regardless of the conditions, I should wear a hat to shade the hot sun or hold in warmth during the winter cold. The problem is that I simply overheat. I've invested countless cash in hats, visors or skull caps with zero success. Unless it is below freezing, I simply can't pull it off.

Same thing goes for pants and jackets. I was running in shorts and I light jacket a few weeks back when the outside temperate hovering around 17*F. All the Couch to 5k folks out executing their New Year's Resolutions that morning looked at me like I had lost my mind...or my pants. I hope I didn't discourage anyone. One gal had on a ski parka, scarf, big fluffy hat and goggles....and people thought I looked weird. How do people run in all that stuff?

I suppose things are simply different for everyone. It is not like I grew up in a cold climate...Texas ain't cold. If the wind blows and it is chilly, I force myself to bundle up a bit. Unfortunately, I typically return home prior to my intended time soaked with sweat.

Not sure what point I'm trying to make here. I thought maybe I had some fellow runners out there who could comfort me in my shortcomings.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace