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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot Head

Ok, I really can't be alone on this.

I've got a hot head and hate wearing hats. Since I choose to run outside regardless of the conditions, I should wear a hat to shade the hot sun or hold in warmth during the winter cold. The problem is that I simply overheat. I've invested countless cash in hats, visors or skull caps with zero success. Unless it is below freezing, I simply can't pull it off.

Same thing goes for pants and jackets. I was running in shorts and I light jacket a few weeks back when the outside temperate hovering around 17*F. All the Couch to 5k folks out executing their New Year's Resolutions that morning looked at me like I had lost my mind...or my pants. I hope I didn't discourage anyone. One gal had on a ski parka, scarf, big fluffy hat and goggles....and people thought I looked weird. How do people run in all that stuff?

I suppose things are simply different for everyone. It is not like I grew up in a cold climate...Texas ain't cold. If the wind blows and it is chilly, I force myself to bundle up a bit. Unfortunately, I typically return home prior to my intended time soaked with sweat.

Not sure what point I'm trying to make here. I thought maybe I had some fellow runners out there who could comfort me in my shortcomings.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace


Friday, January 15, 2010

Longing for an Answer

In a recent Running Times article titled "Making the Pieces Fit", author Krissy Moehl states this: "I often say there isn't a problem a long run can't fix, just sometimes the run has to be longer than others."

Prayer works the same way.  There is not a problem prayer can't just might need to pray longer.  Of course, prayers aren't always answered in the manner we anticipate.  Sometimes God waits to answer simply because we aren't sincere in our prayers.  We are not willing to give up control.  We think we need help, but deep down we're not ready for God's will.  We want God to help us land the plane, not land the plane for us.

I often tell people that when I'm out on one of my long runs I get closest to God.  We converse just like one would with a running partner.  In time with a little practice, it is pure dialogue...the purest of dialogues. This is why I prefer to run alone.  I like people, I just need those hours with God to fix stuff.

Non-runners don't get it. Try and explain it and all they think about is breathing hard and pain.

I'm glad I have a running community that can say "Yeah, me too."

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taming the Try

"Do or do not...there is no try." The famous line from Yoda in Star Wars hit me over the head today. I use "try" all the time. Just last weekend I told someone I was going to try and be ready for another marathon in March. Try means likely failure. Try means that the chance of me reaching that goal is a matter of luck. I might get there....I might not.

Forgetting injury, trying to train means I'm going to run as often as I feel like it. This is exactly what happened to me this morning. Finally some warmer morning, but I convinced myself that yet another rest day was needed or that I could run tonight after work. The excuses outlasted my motivation because I'm simply trying to train.

When you're going to eat you try to eat? No, you eat. You don't try to tie your shoes, brush your teeth or blow your nose. My kids try to make their beds. Guess what? They don't get made until I take the try (allowance) away.

So today, I'm going to try and take try out of my training mindset. Wait, I I am going to take try out of my training. I'm going to be ready for a Spring marathon...end of story.

Run in Pease, Rest in Grace