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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today it Begins...Again

Driving home last night in the snow, I was sure that my casual run this morning was going to be out of the question. An overnight freeze would just turn this mess into a layer of ice. While I could have planned to get on the treadmill, I'm still in recovery mode and opted for sleep.

To be brief, woke up at 4:00 and the temperature was only in the mid-30's. JOY! A peek outside showed wet streets, but no remaining snow. Dressed, out the door and off I went. There was a heavy mist and within a few feet I thought that I'd cut this run short.

About five minutes in, I was just overwhelmed. Sure it was chilly and I was getting wet, but it was just plain awesome.

Then, at that moment...I was reminded what I am. I am a runner. I love this stuff. This is what we do. Bring it on. What else you got?

As a few cars pulled by, I could see them slow. I knew what they were thinking..."what's that idiot doing?"

I get similar looks from our neighborhood police officer when I'm out pounding the pavement at 4:00 AM to beat the heat of a typical Texas summer. Once, he pulled up beside me and ask how far I was going. When I told him I'd be at it for a few hours, he just shook his head and wished me well. He gives me a knowing nod each time we cross paths.

Today wasn't my fastest run or my longest, but it was one of the best in a very long time. Forget the health benefits of running. This was about pure God given pleasure. I'm thankful to Him for allowing me to experience this on a day that otherwise looked to be so ordinary.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace