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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taper Tubby

Stepped on the scale this morning and darn it if I hadn't done it again. I gained weight during my taper....AGAIN! Three pounds and I still have a few days to go. What gives? I know better. I'll be almost 5 pounds over my intended weight and 10 above what I consider my lean mean fighting machine weight (still short and doughy...but, less doughy...maybe I should get a spray tan and do some cross training).

Sure, I've been hampered by this Vertigo thing, but you'd think nausea would keep me from gaining weight. The opposite has been true. I've been starving for the past 10 days. I guess I'm feeling sorry for myself not being able to run so I just eat. I'm hungry all the time. I have even found myself eating junk I would normally pass on without thought. These are not even sorta good calories so I can't kid myself and use the carbo loading excuse.

Last night, I was sipping green tea to wash down some Almond Toffee. My boss' wife sends some over every year. It is wicked good, but one small bite is usually my limit...for the season. I was like a crack addict. I need to be locked up the balance of the week or else they'll flag me at the start for appearing to be too unfit to participate.

Ok, off to lunch. Need protein. Need carbs. Think healthy and focus on portion control. Oops, someone just delivered cookies...darn it!

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace