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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pre-Race Note: Relax

What gives with the anxiety.  I'm running the Dallas White Rock Marathon tomorrow and have had more trouble sleeping than usual the past few nights.  I know the race is the culprit as my mind immediately goes to the race.

Strange thing is that I registered for this race not seeking a PR or even a specific time.  I just wanted to put in the miles as a training run to kick off what I hope to be a busy 2010 running schedule.  Thus, no pressure.  I would even be ok with walking a substantial portion of the last 10K.

Yet, I got geeked at the EXPO yesterday afternoon.  I started to obsess about when I'd fuel and which aid stations I'd hit for fluid & walk breaks.  Darn it, I'm doing exactly what I didn't want to do.  Planning the race.  I guess having a plan is always good.  Unfortunately, my planning leads me to expectations...not what I had in mind.

This isn't my first rodeo either. This will be my 6th marathon.  Yet, it is my first in five years.  Does it ever get easier?  I'd hoped this would feel like another Turkey Trot or neighborhood 5K.  I just want and need to do one thing...Relax. This is fun...Right?

Blessings to all the runners, volunteers, organizers and spectators. You are all in my prayers.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace