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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Natural Energy Boost

Like everyone else, I refuel during an endurance event with standard tools of our trade: Energy gels and sports drinks. I was honking down a box of raisins earlier this week (exciting I know, but I got burned out on my kids' Halloween candy) and took a gander at the nutritional information on the carton. I compared it to the Clif, GU and Hammer gels I had on hand and was suddenly curious if this little red box contained an extremely cheap alternative. Take a look at Raisins vs. Clif Shot:

You have to admit that it is close. So, is close close enough? I need a nutritionist to tell me what heck all the extra Potassium and Sugar might do to me at mile 20. The lower Sodium is not ideal so one may need to swing by a McDonald's for a small fry. The Fiber...well, who knows. It just seems to me to be worth discussing.

Maybe raisins are not as easily digested?

The content reminds me of a comparison I did of some so called "All-Natural Nutrition Bars" and a variety of candy bars. Differences sure, but enough to pay 2 or 3 times more? I suppose it depends on what you consider food Kryptonite.

Would love to hear from anyone who has information on why we don't use more readily available foods to refuel on long runs.

Run in Peace, Rest in Grace,