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Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Randy Runs

While it might seem appropriate to introduce myself and how long I've been running or what I'm training for, I simply don't see much interest in that. Those details will come with time. I basically want to do one thing here. Weave the passions of my life together and see if there is anyone out there that views life through the same lens. It'll be a fun ride for me and I hope for a few others as well.

On my run a few days back, I reached into my hydration contraption and touched a small silver pocket cross. This cross (and a few others like it that I no longer posses) has special meaning to me. This meaning will be shared down the line in these pages, but the cross made me wonder who else out there runs with a cross in their pocket, around their neck or tattooed across their back, shoulder or unmentionables.

A blog (along with Twitter & Facebook accounts) and website were born on that run a few days ago. Since then I've tried to sort it out. Why me? What'll I do? What shall I say? What is the purpose? The answers I have not obtained. I will press on to see where and why I have been led here.

The cross gave me hope that others (and many that are crossless) have had the same experience that I've had over years traveling the roads, paths and trails on foot. Through perspiration and prayer I've come to know God. I have found few other ways to get that close.

Make no mistake, this Blog will be about running. Running will be the canvas and the clay. So, relax. Come back once in awhile.

Time to go eat some pasta...semi-long run in the morning.

Be well,